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Best BOTT Course – We all know the role of surgeon, anesthetics, and nurses for all successful surgeries. But we often ignore the role of Operation Theater Technician, who is unheard, unrecognized, unhooded. The real backbone of the medical team.  Shri Ram Institute of health and management is the best paramedical institute in Gurgaon.

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Just think for a moment, who looks after setting the tables and trolley for the surgery? Who is responsible for the sterilization of all linen and instruments? 

It is the work done by Operation Theater Technician, OTT, who make all the procedures for operation theater secure and commendable. They are the ones who look after the drugs, drapes, anesthetic gases, etc.,. And make sure everything is perfectly functioning and is available as well.  Are you searching for best paramedical institute in Gurgaon.

Best BOTT Course

Who are Best BOTT Course?

Best BOTT Course – Operation theater technicians, sometime called Surgical Scrub also, are allied healthcare professional who make sure that every single process in operation theater is handle properly. Operation theater technicians are responsible for every pre, intra and post duties within a hospital. They play an important part in the smoothing functioning of ICU s, CCU s and operation theaters in hospitals and clinics.

What does an Best BOTT Course (Operation Theater Technician) do?

They must have the decisive knowledge and the aptitude to make sure quality care of the patient is maintained throughout the operation process and the sterile field is sustained till the procedure concludes. They forecast the needs of the surgeon and respond by providing required equipment in the right manner. This job demands great accountability. 

  • Transfer patients from operation theater to ward and vice-a-versa.
  • Accommodate in preparing, checking, and maintaining operating rooms for surgery.
  • Sets up various instruments and machines like anesthetic workstations, life support machines, and associated equipment.
  • Provide technical assistance to surgeons, surgical nurses, and anesthetists whenever required.
  • They also took the care for drugs,  necessary for surgery, drapes, and all the linen and their sterilization.
  • During the surgery, OTT  in the sterile field offers suction and retraction and hands the surgeon any essential instruments, sponges, and other items, whenever doctors or nurses need them. 
  • Technicians working outside the sterile field provide extra supplies and sterile instruments, maintain a count of pads, sponges, etc.

And many more….

Academic qualifications

  • Certificate in Operation Theater Technician, COTT, duration of 6-12 months.
  • Diploma in Operation Theater Technology, DOTT and Advanced Diploma program, ADOTT, duration of 1-2 years with 6 months of internship. 
  • Bachelors in Operating Theater Technology, BOTT, duration is 3 years, with a compulsory 6 months to 1 year of internship. 

Internships help you to gain experience  by participating in patient care under the direct supervision of a designated preceptor or instructor in hospital settings.

All paramedical courses including Certificate and diploma program are offer here at  Shri Ram Institute of Health and Management, it is the best paramedical institute in Gurgaon

Eligibility criteria

For the Undergraduate Certification Programs like, Bachelors in Operating Theatre Technician (BOTT) or Diploma in Operating Theatre Technician (DOTT), one should have cleared 10+2 from a recognized University/Board with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in the 12th standard board examination.

Admission process

The admission process varies from college to college or institute to institute. Most institutes or colleges follow the merit based admission process and consider the marks scored in higher secondary education, and some institutes or colleges have their own entrance exam. 

Some institutes and colleges follow the ‘direct admission’ process. While few other institutes and colleges are know to have their own screening test for selecting candidates.


Shri Ram Institute of Health and Management gives you 100% placement in recognized and government approved hospitals or labs.

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