About Us

About Us

Shri Ram Institute of Health & Management aim

(1st) to produce highly skilled human resource, which can make a positive contribution in relevant industry/market.

(2nd) to provide professional education to educated, underprivileged, unemployed young generation and get them placed with good remunerations so that they can make positive contributions to the society.

(3rd) It’s our aim to cater at least one medical expert to every familly to make our society more healthy and efficient

Shri Ram Institute of Health & Management Collaboration

Samvit Health Care 

(One of the best health care in city)

SD. Hospital & Diagonastic Center

(One of the best hospital in city)

Mangalam Hospital

Vassu Diagnostic Center

Star Diagonastic Center

Shri Sai Diagonastic Center

 Dr. N.K. Sharma                                                      Mr. A.K Sharma

 (Chairman)                                                               (Director)

“Shri Ram Institute of Health & Management has taken an initiative to proivide its students a world class training to enhance their practical knowledge”